Wallach LLCO2 System

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Wallach LLCO<sub>2</sub>System
The LLCO2 single-trigger cryosurgical system maximizes temperature and minimizes the clogging and sputtering commonly associated with CO2 gas.
  • Squeeze trigger to freeze, release to defrost
  • Use with medical-grade CO2 gas for optimal performance
  • Use with Wallach’s standard cryotips with disposable plastic shields
Parts & Accessories
900160 - Cart for 20 lb. Cylinder­­Wallach LLCO2System
900221AA - Disposable Plastic Shields for Cryotips (100 per Bag)Wallach LLCO2System
900160 LLCO2 Cryosurgical System – CO2 (Freezer Only)Wallach LLCO2System
901061 CO2 Cylinder (unfilled)Wallach LLCO2System
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