Mystic II Vacuum-Assisted Delivery System

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Mystic II
The Mystic II Vacuum Assisted Delivery System incorporates the same trusted features of the Mityvac system in a simple, one-piece design. Mystic II is available in low-profile M-Style®  Mushroom® Cup and MitySoft® Bell Cup options. Both designs feature a freely rotating handle and semi-rigid stem that will not transfer torsion to fetal head, helping to ensure safety and efficacy while allowing the physician to control the device without assistance. 
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10057 Mystic II Pump with M-Style Mushroom Cup (12/Box)Mystic II Vacuum-Assisted Delivery System
Mystic II
10058 Mystic II Pump with MitySoft Bell Cup (12/Box)Mystic II Vacuum-Assisted Delivery System
Mystic II
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