LEEP Procedure Essentials Kit

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LEEP Procedure Essentials Kit
LEEP RediKit includes everything you need to prepare and care for your patient before, during and after the procedure. This single-use kit is set up as an operating tray, organized to present procedure items as
you need them.
Each LEEP RediKit contains the following:
• 1 vial Xylocaine (Lidocaine HCI 1%) 10 mL with Epinephrine (1:100,000)
• 1 Potocky Needle® (for administration of cervical block)*
• 1 Lugol’s (Strong Iodine Solution, USP) 8 ml, Single Dose
• 1 AstrinGyn® (Ferric Subsulfate), 8 grams, Single Dose
• 6 Applicator Swabs, 8 inch
• 1 Pantyliner
• 1 Alcohol Wipe*
• 1 Underpad
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6061 LEEP RediKit, Single-use, disposable. Contact Customer Service for ordering information (5 per Box)LEEP Procedure Essentials Kit
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