Comfort-Flex Cervical Dilator Set

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Comfort-Flex Cervical Dilator Set
Made of a malleable Teflon-like material for frictionless natural lubrication, the Comfort-Flex® Dilator Set is excellent for use in intracervical dilation, uterine sounding and intrauterine procedures. The gradual dilation, combined with the flexible tip, ensure comfortable introduction and gentle dilation. Comfort-Flex Dilator Set Set Includes:

• Os Locator (1 ring) – naturally seeks and gently opens the external Os
• Canal Dilator (2 rings) – gently traces the natural path of the cervical canal while steadily dilating
• Fundus Sound™ (3 rings) – opens the internal Os and sounds the fundus to determine uterine depth
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64-376 Comfort-Flex Dilator Set, 3 dilators per set (Os Locator, Canal Dilator, Fundus Sound)Comfort-Flex Cervical Dilator Set
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