Bronchitrac “L” Selective Left Bronchial Suctioning Set

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There is no need to twist the catheter or patient’s body. Simply advance the Bronchitrac “L” through a properly placed endotracheal or tracheostomy tube. The dual-plane, patented curvature of the catheter ensures consistent entry into the left main-stem bronchus. The time savings and reduced patient trauma provided by the Bronchitrac “L” make it the obvious choice when suctioning the left-bronchial airway. • Ideal for suctioning of post-cardiac surgical, neuro and critical care patients • Can be used for deep-lobe suctioning • Completely latex-free
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41-7814 14 Fr Bronchial Suction Catheter, Slide-cover Connector and (2) Vinyl Gloves, Sterile (20/Boxes)Bronchitrac "L" Selective Left Bronchial Suctioning Set
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