ABBI Air Bubble Based Infuser

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Safely evaluate tubal patency using ultrasound versus X-ray.  ABBI® (Air Bubble Based Infuser) utilizes ultrasound with a saline and air bubble contrast media to safely evaluate tubal patency in the office. The echogenic air bubbles produced by ABBI will flow continuously through the cornua, fallopian tubes and fimbriae to confirm patency, or pool in the event of tubal occlusion. ABBI provides a minimally invasive procedure by reducing the risk of allergic reaction to radiopaque dyes, and eliminating exposure to fluoroscopy radiation used in traditional HSG. Dual-function ABBI also enables saline-only SIS exam.  Additionally, ABBI can be used to perform a saline-only SIS examination to identify abnormalities in the uterine structure including polyps and fibroids that may be interfering with pregnancy.
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ABBI ABBI (Air Bubble Based Infuser) – 1 per Box, Single Use DisposableABBI Air Bubble Based Infuser
ABBI-KIT ABBI (Air Bubble Based Infuser) with H/S Elliptosphere Catheter – 1 per BoxABBI Air Bubble Based Infuser
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