Filshie® Tubal Ligation System

Filshie® Tubal Ligation System

Quick, Easy and Effective Permanent Surgical Sterilization for Women

Millions of women worldwide have undergone successful sterilization with the Filshie Tubal Ligation System.  With the lowest failure rate among mechanical implants 1, Filshie is an effective, immediate and trusted method for female sterilization.  Filshie may be utilized during interval laparoscopic procedures, at the time of Cesarean delivery or post-vaginal delivery via a minilaparotomy, making it one of the most versatile sterilization options on the market.

1Penfield,AJ. The Filshie Clip for Female Sterilization: A Review of World Experience. AJOG, March 2000, 182-3, 485, 489
Filshie® Tubal Ligation System is a registered trademark of Utah Medical Products, Inc.

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