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CooperSurgical Surgical Products Catalog

Our Surgical Products brands include:

  • Advincula Delineator
  • RUMI® II System
  • ALLY Uterine Positioning System®
  • Hoyte Sacro Tips
  • The KOH Colpotomizer System™
  • Lone Star Retractor System™
  • Filshie™ Tubal Ligation System
  • Carter-Thomason CloseSure System®
  • Advincula Arch™
  • Koh-Efficient®
  • OR/Mobius®
  • Plume-Away® Smoke Evacuation System

CooperSurgical Clinic and Practice-Based Products Catalog

Our Clinic and Practice-Based Products brands include:

  • Pipelle®
  • Milex™
  • Her Option® in-office cryoablation therapy
  • Leisegang®
  • Euro-Med®
  • Lumax TS pro
  • LEEP System 1000®
  • H/S Elliptosphere™
  • ClearTone®
  • Frigitronics®
  • Select Medical Systems
  • Sperm Select®
  • Fischer Cone Biopsy Excisor™

CooperSurgical Labor and Delivery Products Catalog

Our Labor and Delivery Products brands include:

  • Mityvac® Vacuum Assisted Delivery Systems
  • MityOne™
  • OB/Mobius®
  • TransWarmer®
  • Mystic® II
  • Mityhook®
  • Guardian Vaginal Retractor®

CooperSurgical Critical Care Products Catalog

Our Critical Care Products brands include:

  • INCA®
  • TRAKE-fit™
  • WarmGel®
  • TransWarmer®
  • Irrijet®
  • Bronchitrac®
  • NEO-fit™

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