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Carter-Thomason® II Port Closure System

Engineered to Provide Enhanced Safety, Reproducibility and Efficiency for Port Site Closure – Even on Challenging Obese Patients

The advanced Carter-Thomason II Port Closure System ensures consistent, effective closure at the completion of a range of laparoscopic procedures. The system is comprised of two precisely engineered components: the advanced Suture Passer and Suture Guide.

  •  Provides full-fascial closure to prevent herniation
  • Suture Guide passes through the trocar for precise closure and enhanced safety
  • Improved design enables countertraction for better tissue approximation
  • Enlarged Suture Passer grasping fingers facilitate closure
  • Easy-to-learn technique ensures consistent results
  • Prevent loss of pneumoperitoneum

Additional applications include:

  • Ligate abdominal wall bleeders
  • Tack hernia mesh
  • Repair umbilical hernias
  • Temporarily reposition anatomic structure

Available in both the Carter-Thomason II Port Closure System and XL version (available Spring 2013) for bariatric and morbidly obese patients, our system is ideal for port site closure on any body type.


Carter Thomason® II Port Closure System
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Carter Thomason® II Port Closure System XL
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