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MityOne® Vacuum-Assisted Delivery System 
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MityOne® Ensures Greater Control for Safer Vaginal and C-Section Deliveries

MityOne, the latest introduction to the Mityvac family of products, provides optimal  safety for patients and superior control for clinicians. Newly redesigned based on feedback from prominent obstetricians, this versatile, one-piece unit offers significant benefits for deliveries:

  • Shorter stem for improved tactile feedback and intuitive handling
  • Self-limiting pressure gauge will not exceed recommended suction levels of 58 cmHg
  • Soft bell cup interface results in less trauma versus hard plastic cups¹ ²
  • Extremely high efficacy rate of up to 97 percent for the mushroom cup³
  • Prominent vacuum trigger release placed closer to operator to ensure ease of use
  • Freely rotating, semi-rigid stem will not transfer torsion to baby
  • Convenient tray packaging allows for easy stacking and storage

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