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Filshie® Tubal Ligation System

For Superior Laparoscopic and C-Section Tubal Ligation

The Filshie Tubal Ligation System offers physicians and patients the greatest versatility in female sterilization. The system is ideal for laparoscopic sterilization, with specific applicators that are designed to be minimally invasive. For C-section sterilization the procedure is quicker and safer than the Pomeroy technique1, requiring no transection of tubes or surrounding tissue. The clip also features a large curved upper jaw to accommodate edematous fallopian tubes.

Safe and Successful Sterilization

  • No transection of tubes or surrounding tissues – reduced bleeding risk
  • Eliminates risk of tissue damage posed by electrocautery
  • Extremely high success rate of 99.7%2
  • Lowest incidence of ectopic pregnancy3,4
  • MRI not contraindicated
  • Completely latex free

 Maximum Versatility

  • Ideal for interval laparoscopic procedures
  • Superior procedure for C-section sterilization
  • Only 4 mm of fallopian tube affected by clip
  • Engineered to enclose thicker or edematous tubes 

Ease of Application

  • Minimal procedure time required – proven to be faster, with greater physician preference than the Pomeroy technique 

1. Kohaut, BA. et al. Randomized Trial to Compare Perioperative Outcomes of Filshie Clip vs. Pomeroy Technique for Postpartum and Intraoperative Cesarean Tubal Sterilization: A Pilot Study. Contraception. April 2004: 69(2004): 267-270.

2. Penfield, AJ. The Filshie Clip for Female Sterilization: A Review of World Experience. AJOG, March 2000, 182-3, 485,489.

3. Peterson, HB, et al. The Risk of Ectopic Pregnancy After Tubal Sterilization. The New England Journal of Medicine. March 1997.

4. Kovacs, et al. Female Sterilization with Filshie Clips: What is the risk of failure? A retrospective survey of 30,000 applications. J. of Family Planning and Reproductive Health Care. 2002: 28(1):34-3.

Filshie® Clips
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Filshie® Clip Applicators
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