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SAGE® Oocyte Retrieval Needles 
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For smoother, more successful oocyte retrieval 

Here's a needle with a difference you can feel. The SAGE® Oocyte Retrieval Needle is a sterile, single-use needle with an enhanced grip design to ease orientation and feedback, resulting in improved follicle penetration and oocyte collection.

Features and benefits:

  • User-friendly grip eases orientation
  • Hub "nipple" shows bevel orientation for constant position feedback
  • Polyethylene tubing eliminates troublesome kinks and enhances flow
  • Turbulence-free design facilitates faster retrieval and significantly reduces trauma to oocytes
  • Ultra-precision distal tip is sharpened, beveled, and polished to minimize penetration force
  • Echogenic bands on tip assist in proper placement for optimal oocyte harvest
SAGE® Retrieval Needles, 16 gauge
Item# ORN-1630-7 ORN-1630-9 ORN-1635-7 ORN-1635-9best sellerorange arrowOrder InfoORN-1630-7;ORN-1630-9;ORN-1635-7;ORN-1635-9
SAGE® Retrieval Needles, 17 gauge
Item# ORN-1730-7 ORN-1730-9 ORN-1735-7 ORN-1735-9best sellerorange arrowOrder InfoORN-1730-7;ORN-1730-9;ORN-1735-7;ORN-1735-9