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SAGE® Micromanipulation Media 
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Improving your success rates

SAGE® Micromanipulation Media are designed to facilitate the in vitro preparation of gametes prior to micromanipulation procedures, such as intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI), assisted hatching, and embryo micromanipulation/blastomere removal. All of our micromanipulation media are one-cell fresh mouse embryo quality controlled, resulting in consistent product quality and reliability that enhances your success rates.

Oil for Tissue Culture
Item# ART-4008 ART-4008-5 ART-4008-5P ART-4008P ART-4009-5W ART-4009Worange arrowOrder InfoART-4008;ART-4008-5;ART-4008-5P;ART-4008P;ART-4009-5W;ART-4009W
Polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP) Ready-To-Use Solution
Item# ART-4005-A ART-4006Aorange arrowOrder InfoART-4005-A;ART-4006A
Hyaluronidase 80 U/mL in HEPES-HTF
Item# ART-4007-Aorange arrowOrder InfoART-4007-A
Water for Tissue Culture
Item# ART-4010orange arrowOrder InfoART-4010
Acidified Medium with HEPES-HTF, pH 2.3-2.5
Item# ART-4013-Aorange arrowOrder InfoART-4013-A
Quinns Advantage® Medium with HEPES Ca and Mg Free
Item# ART-4100orange arrowOrder InfoART-4100
Phosphate Buffered Saline
Item# ART-4011 ART-4012orange arrowOrder InfoART-4011;ART-4012