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SAGE® Media 
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When quality and consistency matter most

SAGE® Media Products are designed to provide consistent results during every stage of fertilization and embryo development. Our products are manufactured under tri-gas conditions to enable quality and accuracy in achieving optimal pH ranges during re-equilibration, providing you the results you desire most.

Quinns Advantage® Fertilization Medium
Item# ART-1020 ART-1021best sellerorange arrowOrder InfoART-1020;ART-1021
Quinns Advantage® Cleavage Medium
Item# ART-1026 ART-1027best sellerorange arrowOrder InfoART-1026;ART-1027
Quinns Advantage® Medium with HEPES
Item# ART-1023 ART-1024best sellerorange arrowOrder InfoART-1023;ART-1024
Quinns Advantage® Protein Plus
Item# ART-1520 ART-1526 ART-1529 ART-1729best sellerorange arrowOrder InfoART-1520;ART-1526;ART-1529;ART-1729
SAGE® In-Vitro Maturation Media
Item# ART-1600orange arrowOrder InfoART-1600
Human Serum Albumin
Item# ART-3001 ART-3003orange arrowOrder InfoART-3001;ART-3003
Quinns Advantage® Serum Protein Substitute
Item# ART-3010 ART-3011orange arrowOrder InfoART-3010;ART-3011
Quinns Advantage® Blastocyst Medium
Item# ART-1029orange arrowOrder InfoART-1029